Show #122

  • Cut and Paste
  • Spotlight (Search)
  • Support for MMS
  • A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
  • 1000+ new APIs (Turn-by-turn directions… etc)
  • iPod Touch = $9.95 upgrade fee (bluetooth now available on the touch)
  • Google Voice
    • SMS Forwarding
    • Google Contact Integration
    • Unlimited Groups
    • Still Free
    • Integrated Calling Out
  • Dell Unleashes Adamo
    • MacBook Air Equiv
  • IE8 the last IE version from Microsoft?
    • WebKit instead?
    • What is WebKit?
  • Amazon doesn’t want your Kindle to be more useful
    • threatened the smackdown on a site offering instructions on how to trick the Kindle into reading other types of files.
    • Russian guy figured it out, Amazon threatened DMCA, said he was circumventing processes
    •, allows e-books purchased legally from other stores to play nice with the Kindle
  • Star Wars Live Action TV Series
    • casting is already in motion
    • Set between Revenge of the Sigh and A new Hope
    • Focus on minor characters and help fill in the storyline
    • Hopefully this is better than the cartoon movie that was released

    Talk Points
    • Chris Zabriskie leaks all his albums to bittorrent before they get released
    • Don’t let the labels tell you otherwise
    • Already in effect with different media
    • Free CD’s with full ebooks leads to

    Doghouse Systems
    Here is the code: POI
    This will give the customer free ground shipping in the continental U.S.

    Gamer’s Corner (Conferences, New Developments, Game Reviews)

    • $486,500
    • $521,000+ is highest paid Starcraft player

    Intarweb Goldmine

    • 36.5 Million dollar project
  • Steve Wozniak doing the Cha-Cha (MY EYES!!!)