Sunday, April 29, 2007 

Show #27 - 04.29.2007

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  • Days may be numbered for tax-free Internet sales
    • A powerful alliance of politicians is arguing that out-of-state retailers must be required to charge sales taxes on purchases.
    • The political make-up of Congress, coupled with a recently invented sales tax concept, could tip the scales to make sales collection mandatory for out-of-state retailers.
  • 1 Million Blu-Ray Discs Sold
    • Blu-Ray Accounts for 70% of HD discs sold
    • Disney releasing Blu-Ray ONLY
      • Cars
      • Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2

Software / Hardware / Power Web Picks
Penny Pinchers
  • Remove Car Dents with Can Air and a Hair Dryer
    • I have to say this is probably one of the coolest videos I've seen in a while
    • Demonstrates how to use a can of air and hair dryer to remove dents from a car
    • According to the video, this procedure is safe on the paint
    • And you get to see it actually work, pretty cool.

Security & Privacy
  • OpenDNS Service Makes You Computer Safer and the Address Bar Useful Again
    • Lets start with the basics, What is DNS?
      • Wikipedia says DNS stands for Domain Name System and stores many types of information with domain names. Most importantly it translates domain names (and computer hostnames) to IP Addresses.
      • Every web address has an IP Address, and DNS is used to tie that domain name to the ip address so when you type http://www.google.com it takes you to Google's IP address. Allowing us as humans to remember names and words rather than addresses like
    • Must have an OpenDNS account. Account is free but requires email address for confirmation
    • Service is Called "Shortcuts"
      • This service allows you to create one word shortcuts to your favorite websites
      • These shortcuts allow you to type the shortcut into the address bar to access the site rather than a bookmark or full URL
      • Requires you be logged into your OpenDNS account via the web for the shortcuts to work
    • To get the most out of OpenDNS and Shortcuts You need to modify your DNS information for your network connection
      • Simple instructions for modifying DNS given after you confirm your account via email
      • Instructions for Linux, Windows, Mac, and even Routers are given in nice screenshot detail
    • Advantages to using OpenDNS
      • Phishing Protecting. OpenDNS blocks Phishing websites so when you goto a website that is for Phishing you get a nice little image that says the site is blocked via OpenDNS
      • Faster Name resolution.
        • When you type in http://www.google.com, your DNS server (usually your internet provider) has to resolve the ip address associated with the name
        • OpenDNS has a large cache of resolutions and keeps them updated
      • Last but certainly not least, Typo Correction.
        • For example if you type in www.gogle.com OpenDNS will correct it to www.google.com
    • In Conclusion, if you are comfortable with following directions to make some changes to your system, you can really benefit from OpenDNS.

Gamer's Corner
  • Eternal Sonata ALSO for PS3
    • Action RPG
    • On October 17, 1949, Frederic Chopin, one of the most influential composers for the piano, succumbed to sickness and died at the young age of 39. Three hours prior to that, in the world according to this RPG, Chopin saw a dream of a fairy-tale land populated by people with incurable diseases but also magical powers. Eternal Sonata takes place in this dream world. Chopin comes into contact with Polka, a young girl who resides with her mother in the village of Tenuto. Polka is near her death, and Chopin, Polka, and her young friend Allegretto as they look for some way to make use of Polka's great powers to help save her. It's a whimsical fantasy, but this RPG designed by developer tri-Crescendo also a complex and combo-based battle system of swords and magic weaponry. In keeping with inspiration, music and story play a big part in Eternal Sonata. Performing the piano numbers that Chopin left to the world is Russian pianist Stanislav Bunin, with musical composition by noted game composer Motoi Sakuraba.
  • HandBrake - Rips DVDs to
    • iPod
    • Apple TV
    • PS3
  • Red Kawa Media Center
    • Stream / Download movies to your PS3
    • Stream / Download music to your PS3

Editorial ("Power Up")
  • Better Gmail Extention
    • Greasemonkey - What it is
    • Options
      • Persistant Searches
      • Macros (Keyboard Commands)
      • Label Colors
      • Filter Assistant
      • Conversation Preview
      • Attachment Reminder
      • Attachment Icons
  • DNA exonerates a man after serving 25 years for rape
    • A man who spent 25 years in prison for rape was exonerated Monday as a judge threw out his convictions because DNA evidence showed he couldn't have committed the attack. An advocacy group said it was the 200th such case.
    • Jerry Miller smiled and the courtroom erupted into cheers after Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane G. Cannon read the ruling that cleared him of all charges.
    • Miller, 48, had been found guilty of rape, robbery, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery even though he testified he was at home watching television at the time of the 1981 attack.
    • Mark Ertler, deputy supervisor of the Cook County state's attorney's office DNA review unit, told the Chicago Tribune that the case was "a good example of what the DNA unit was intended to do."

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Sunday, April 22, 2007 

Show #26 - 04.22.2007

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[Download Show #26 as MP3]

  • Ubuntu 7.04 arrived this week
    • RC Canidate not final.
    • New version of the Gnome Desktop (2.18)
    • New version of XOrg Server
    • Better support for Video Card Drivers (Nvidia and ATI)
    • I've been running this version for a couple of weeks now and love it.
    • Linux is still not quite ready for the desktop, but man has it come a long way
  • NAB This Past Week
    • Apple
      • Final Cut Pro (Upgrade $499)
        • Format Hoe
          • Mix multiple formats on the timeline
          • Uncompressed 1080p footage
          • Support for 4k footage / ProRes (Oakley's Red)
      • Motion 3
    • Oakley: Red
  • New UI in Leopard
  • The Reason Mac OS X is late
    • 3) They have 6343 Get a Mac commercials left to film
    • 2) Apple employees are now working second jobs so they can afford an iPhone
    • 1) Vista sucks, there's no need to rush

Software / Hardware / Power Web Picks
  • Fotowoosh
    • Turn 2D images into a 3D model
  • Better Gmail Firefox Extension
    • Derek and I live in Gmail, and anything to make it better and more feature rich is fine by us
    • Adds Searches, Macros, Label Colors, and other Cool features
  • Google Announces Docs Addition: Presentations
    • Very little is actually known about it at the moment
    • This addition has been long rumored (almost since Google announced Google Docs)
    • Excited to have one less thing to install on my PC
  • Top 50 Productivity Blogs
    • I have been on a productivity kick lately, attempting to find ways to be more productive in several aspects of my life
    • Includes some of my personal favorites: Lifehacker and 43 Folders
    • Some other notable mentions include
      • Web Worker Daily for the work from home folks
      • Get Rich Slowly for those in need of a financial tune up
  • Outcry for ATI Drivers for Linux
    • ATI is not the only one, Nvidia has yet to deliver stable SLI drivers for their cards
    • Cards run hotter and louder than in windows
      • 65 C in Windows
      • 84 C in Linux
    • OpenGL performance is slow
      • Doom 3
      • Quake 4
    • Missing Overlay Modes
      • For watching video
    • X-Video Instability
      • You can use OpenGL output to bypass but you miss the Avivo layer which offers some post-processing and results in video that is a bit blockier, not a big deal for smaller lower res monitors.
    • Missing Extentions
      • Transparency
      • Pixel Texture Mapping

Penny Pinchers
  • Websites to Help You Save Money And Even Make a Little Too
    • The Simple Dollar
      • Main Focus is Tips on frugal living
      • Some look on investing
      • Primarily follows the Dave Ramsey style of personal finance, but throws in others
      • Great reviews on financial books
    • Get Rich Slowly
      • More focus on investing money
      • Occasional tips on frugal living
      • The idea here is smart monetary decisions that make you rich over the long term
    • Ben Stein's How Not To Ruin Your Life (Yahoo Financial Blog)
      • The Clear Eyes guy, really is rich
      • 18 month emergency fund
      • Written several books on investing
      • Great articles that look at a wide range of financial topics

Security & Privacy
  • Caught downloading?
    • Using the Gnutella or eDonkey network
      • File Sharing Monitor run by Logistep AG
        • How it works
          • Runs a search for the file just like you would and collects the IPs of the machines that are returned
          • The client requests to download a piece of the file from the host that was found through the search
          • The filename, size, IP address, P2P protocol, P2P application, time, and the username are inserted into a database, if the host permits the download.
          • The application does a WHOIS search for the ISP information and automatically inserts that into the database as well and sends an infringement letter to the ISP if needed.
        • The claim is that its foolproof and can provide "forensic-quality" evidence to a court
        • The question remains whether an IP address is sufficient evidence to sue a person, recent cases suggest that the RIAA and MPAA have needed more evidence than that...
        • Discuss wireless network security.

Gamer's Corner
  • Sony Discontinues the 20GB Playstation 3
    • US Only, Japan will still get 20GB goodness
    • 20GB does not have WiFi built in
    • 20GB never released in Europe
    • Basically, we Americans prefer bigger and better
  • Why the Wii has only a wee-bit of flash
    • Ancient Flash 7 instead of up-to-date Flash 8 or 9
    • Basically to run Flash outside of Windows, Linux, or Mac you need the Flash SDK (controlled by Adobe)
    • They have not released Flash 8 or 9 in their SDK

Editorial ("Power Up")

Sunday, April 15, 2007 

Show #25 - 04.15.2007

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[Download Show #25 as MP3]

  • Hybrid Technologies L1X-75
    • 0-to-60 in 3.1 silent seconds
    • 600 horsepower
    • Carbon fiber
    • Sheep skin floor mats
    • 10,000 RPM redline
    • 175 miles per hour
    • Li-ion power indunciton motors
  • Apple Sells the 100millionth iPod
    • This makes it the fastest selling music player in history (according to Apple)
    • iPods are the new Walkman
    • Brings understanding as to why people are trying to compete with the iPod
    • Fastest Selling device, (100 million units in 5.5 years) and beats the Playstation 2 by 2 months
    • While fastest selling still not the best selling (that honor goes to Sony's Walkman line)

Software / Hardware / Power Web Picks
Penny Pinchers
  • How to Save $0.50 on Every Gallon of Gas
  • Find an Open Source Replacement for That Expensive Software
    • Programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or even Trillian cost money (sometimes more than $100)
    • Open Source alternatives exist for most popular and regularly used software
    • Examples
      • Illustrator - Inkscape
      • Photoshop - The GIMP
    • Also Check Out the Open Source Alternatives website for a more comprehensive list
    • Downside is that not every application has an open source alternate that is available on all operating systems
  • Quick Note: AMD has cut prices on their Dual Core processors bringing the 3Ghz 6000+ processor under $250. Great time to build a new PC or upgrade an older one.

Security & Privacy
  • This past Tuesday was Microsoft's Monthly Patch Tuesday
    • Some major fixes to bugs that allowed unrestricted access to computers
    • Make sure you run your Windows updates.
    • Running your windows updates will help ensure that you keep your computer safe. While it will not fix everything it will help.
Gamer's Corner
  • XBox 360 Dashboard Update Confirmed
  • Burnout 5 Screenshots
    • I love Burnout, Crashing is fun
    • Derek and I are anxiously awaiting Burnout 5 for the PS3
    • These screenshots show a gorgeous game
    • Seeing these screenshots Makes it even harder to wait
  • MapWOW
    • Google Map API
    • Travel Paths
    • Herbs, Ore, Treasure
    • Of course, outland too :)

Editorial ("Power Up")
  • Web Video and Joost
    • Online video is becoming more popular everyday.
    • Issues with content rights, copyrights, and even monetary compensation for writers, actors, and others involved
    • Viacom sued YouTube for 1 billion dollars over supposed copyright violations
    • As you can see, online video is going to take some time to be fully accepted and be viewed as a viable revenue source
    • Enter Joost
      • Created by the same people who brought us Skype and Kazza
      • Currently Invite Only, it's basically IPTV, but actually P2PTV. P2PTV uses BitTorrent to stream the shows
        • You upload as you download
        • If no "seeders" available, then you're grabbing from Joost's own servers
      • Viacom has already signed a content deal with Joost bringing shows from MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central to Joost. Currently lots of music videos
      • The interface is slick, this is what an IPTV application should look like.
        • Typical interface features, pause, play, fast forward, rewind
        • Can search for content
        • Ability to change channels and program on the fly
      • Channel Chats so you can chat with others watching the same channel as you
      • Majorly bandwidth intensive and CPU intensive at times. On my 2Ghz (non-64 bit) with 2GB or RAM I had the occasional application lag
      • Occasional Commercial before getting to actual selected program, short and to the point though
    • Why is Joost Important
      • Proves the IPTV concept. People are chomping at the bit to get Joost Invites
      • Gives content makers a viable over the internet solution to distribute content
      • With Joost proving that you can deliver video over the internet and have it generate revenue, others are sure to follow
      • Something like this was needed to handle the proof of concept. Joost is the forerunner in the game and first to market. Because of them we can bet that we will see more companies try to harness the power of internet video distribution
    • What Joost is not
      • Joost is not a replacement for television. While they have gotten content from Viacom, the selection is limited.
      • This distribution model is not going to work great with longer videos. Due to the P2PTV technology longer films will be harder to watch since you'll need to download a considerable amount of content before you can watch a movie smoothly

Sunday, April 8, 2007 

Show #24 - 04.08.2007

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[Download Show #24 as MP3]
  • Here's your chance to talk about everything from
    • Computers
    • Cameras
    • PDAs
    • Cell Phones
  • (909) 581-9POI / (909) 581-9-764
  • Show notes / comments: powerofinformation.net
  • [Show Ad] - This week on the Power of Information, Michael and I discuss Digg getting 1 million users, Microsoft gets sued (again), and Apple is going to get some DRM-free tracks. We also talk about some online TV guides, some free anti-virus/firewall software to add to your collection, and our in studio guest, Sam Jumper, give tips on how to manage software developers. All this and more on today's Power of Information.

  • [Derek] Digg hits 1,000,000 users and schedules a party in San Fransciso
  • [Koby] Microsoft sued over Windows Vista Marketing
    • While the different versions of Vista are confusing (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate)
    • Also hardware confusion
      • There were two descriptions for Vista compatible computers, this was massively confusing even to people like us
    • Vista Capable versus Vista Premium Ready
      • Vista Capable
        • Will Run Windows Vista
        • May Not Run Aero Glass Well (the new Windows look)
        • May Not Run several of the features found in the Business or Ultimate versions of Vista
        • Basically, you can run Vista on this kind of machine but you will miss out on some features or their intended quality
      • Vista Premium Ready
        • Can run Vista Ultimate
        • Can run Aero Glass interface
        • This kind of machine can run Vista at its best
  • [Derek] Hot or Not Goes Free
  • [Koby] Apple and EMI announce DRM free tracks in iTunes Store [via iLounge]
    • List of EMI artists
    • DRM free tracks available in May.
    • Non-DRM tracks, going to be sold at 256kbps AAC (2 times the current bit rate) this means better quality tracks
    • Price will go up on non-DRM tracks to $1.29/track. Album pricing to stay the same (9.99-ish) for the non-DRMed/256kbps, which is a good way to encourage full album purchases
    • Customers who have already purchased DRMed/128kbps EMI tracks will be able to redownload the newer Non-DRMed/256kbps tracks for free
    • Overall internet reaction seems to be happy with the announcement, with a lot of people on Digg and Slashdot saying they will start buying stuff from iTunes now that it's DRM free and at a higher bit rate

*Software / Hardware / Power Web Picks
  • [Derek] Online TV Guides
    • The Good
      • AOL Television - Recommendations, simple interface, customize channels, login to customize.
      • Coucheville - Sick AJAX, my favorite, no login to customize, missing some features (no e-mail reminders)
      • IMDB TV - Strong community, not lots of extras, great comments and links to actor info.
    • The Bad
      • MeeVee - Preview shows, interesting approach, they look for online video too, no login, recommedations, more hardcore - Friendster, MySpace, Blog, RSS, E-Mail, Mobile Web
    • ...and the Ugly
      • TV.com - The grid is too small, has a cool wiki, allow video uploads
      • TV Guide - Geez, banner ads much?
      • TVplanner.net - Sweet, but limited reach.

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  • Here's your chance to talk about everything from
    • Computers
    • Cameras
    • PDAs
    • Cell Phones
  • (909) 581-9POI / (909) 581-9-764
  • Show notes / comments: powerofinformation.net

Penny Pinchers

Security & Privacy
  • [Derek]
  • [Koby] FireGPG
    • Firefox Extension to Add GnuPG Functionality to Gmail
    • Check out our show from January for more information on GnuPG
    • Using this extension means not having to use something like Thunderbird to get encryption in your emails.
    • Currently only works with Gmail
    • Must install the GnuPG software (For Windows use WinPT, a GnuPG frontend)
  • [Koby] Blink Personal Edition [via Lifehacker]
    • Free 1 Year Subscription in the US/Canada (other countries $24.95)
    • Blocks and removes Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, and other malicious software
    • Intrusion protection/prevention
    • Performs a vulnerability assessment and gives possible solutions to fix them
OUT @ 29:00
IN @ 33:00
  • Here's your chance to talk about everything from
    • Computers
    • Cameras
    • PDAs
    • Cell Phones
  • (909) 581-9POI / (909) 581-9-764
  • Show notes / comments: powerofinformation.net

Gamer's Corner

Editorial ("Power Up")
  • [Sam] Managing Software Developers and the backend of a major operation
    • Dunno... Sam will fill this in.

OUT @ 43:00
IN @ 47:00
  • Here's your chance to talk about everything from
    • Computers
    • Cameras
    • PDAs
    • Cell Phones
  • (909) 581-9POI / (909) 581-9-764
  • Show notes / comments: powerofinformation.net

Tech Forum Talk Back
  • [Derek] Gina from Loma Linda sent this to us: Questions from your girlfriend that aren't really questions.
    • How Do I Look?
    • Do You Think She's Pretty?
    • Where Do You Want to Go Tonight?
  • [Koby] Rick from Lake Tahoe sent this to us: Funny Sports Photos
    • Some great shots here
    • The intensity on some of these athletes' faces are hysterical
    • Some favorites include
      • Any of the divers (quite a few of these)
      • Some cool sliding into Second action about half way down the page
    • Be sure to visit our show notes

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Sunday, April 1, 2007 

Show #23 - 04.01.2007

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[Download Show #23 as MP3]


  • MySpace to start charging
    • MySpace claims that its advertising is not making enough money to support the infrastructure that literally has tens of millions of members.
    • If they charge every member $1.99 to $4.99 per year MySpace could gross 1.76 billion dollars per year which is a major proposition.
    • Its unlikely of course that all those who are members would pay the fee, but they are hoping that by keeping the price reasonable they can encourage many to support the company as their staff has grown exponentially in response to an almost unlimited level of attention from the media and government.
  • RIAA to start charging per stereo, CD player, or television that can play music for in home music entertainment
    • The RIAA announced this week that they would be charging for each device that could potentially play music
    • They will start this "charge" on those they sue for downloading music off the internet, adding a surcharge of $5,000 per illigeally used device in an offender's residence
    • Eventually they will move to "taxing" everybody
    • Logic behind this is, if you have a computer and speakers in your house, then those speakers are probably used to listen to pirated music and thus subject to licensing terms that have yet to be dictated.

Software / Hardware / Power Web Picks
  • Fun / Useful / Powerful Online Webtools
    • Big Contacts - Web-based contact / team management interface
    • Spresent - Flash based presentations
    • Slide Aware - Powerpoint Intergrated Team Collaboration
    • Stikkit - Post-it notes meet wiki. Similar to, but not as cool as Posticky.
    • Teqlo - Mashup on crack. Requires FireFox v2.0 and Flash :)
    • Xcellery - Collaborate on actual Excel files
  • TimeAndDate.com
  • Real Quick Tip: Stop websites from resizing your Firefox Window [via Lifehacker]
    • In Windows goto Tools menu and select Optioins (Edit menu and select Preferences on Mac/Linux)
    • Then click on the Content icon
    • Under the first little subsection there is an "Advanced" button. Click it
    • You'll see a dialog that says "Allow Scripts to" at the top
    • Uncheck the "Move or Resize Existing Windows
Penny Pinchers
  • Install Linux on Your Kids Computers
    • Want to build a computer for your kids but do not want to spend the money to get a legal copy of Windows? Do your kids want to play some fun games, surf the net, and chat with their friends? Do your children listen to music and watch movies? Good news, you can do all of this on a nice simple Linux install.
    • Download Ubuntu Desktop edition
    • Burn the ISO to CD using Nero or ISORecorder
    • LiveCD means, you can boot off the CD and use the OS without formating your computer. This allows you to make informed decisions like, are my kid's favorite website going to work? What comes installed by default? How much extra work am I going to have to do?
    • To fill in some of the holes left by an Ubuntu Install, check out Ubuntu Guide for step by step instructions on how to install some of the software that is not included, or even install some of the more complex programs.
    • Just by following instructions, you can have a Linux installation that will be just as easy to use and more secure than any Windows machine you could give your children. Also Linux runs excellent on that outdated hardware, so it allows you to retask an older machine quite easily.
    • Some notes: Things like Java, the latest version of Flash, or even reading PDF's takes some extra setting up in Ubuntu, but Ubuntu Guides helps you fill in the missing links easily. The reason some software is left out is due to the license that a particular software might have. Ubuntu strives to stay as close to free/open source software that complies with the GPL (most popular open source license) and a lot of software does not fall under that license, causing it to be absent from a base Ubuntu install.
Gamer's Corner
  • Discuss the PS3 patch, "it's niiice"
  • HDMI port on the 360 confirmed

Editorial ("Power Up")

  • Fun April Fool's Ideas (It's still early so here are some last second ideas for your use)
    • Green Milk - Use food coloring to die the milk green and serve it in your kids cereal this morning. Reaction: A quizzical look or perhaps disgust! Works GREAT with young kids.
    • The Evil S's - Switch the salt for the sugar, works great for coffee drinkers or those who put it on their cereal. Reaction: A great face for a camera phone ringer.
    • Sink Suprise - Turn the sprayer nozzle toward the front of the sink, put a rubber band around it holding the trigger, and wait! Reaction: Victim won't need extra coffee to wake up
    • School Time Blues - This year April Fools falls on a Sunday, and while this one takes some sleep loss, early risers should find it's worth it. If your kids will be expecting something here's a good one. As usual, get your kids up for school, your make sure you and your wife are all ready for work. The kids will be a little slow getting dressed, but they make it to the breakfast table in time to eat--at least according to the clock. When breakfast was over, ask your children to open a curtain/blinds to the external window and have a sign that reads, 'It's 3 A.M.--April Fools!' Reaction: Kodak moment.
    • Fun on the Fly A - A simple needle and thread become our tool for creating mischief. Our mission? Sew all of Dad's underpants together. This is easy enough as it requires only a few stitches at the side seams. Then they are neatly folded and placed back in his drawer. Reaction: It's fun watching him bite each pair off of the string with his teeth.
    • Fun on the Fly B - Sew up the fly on a clean pair of underwear, make sure the victim drinks plenty of morning juice and coffee or tea, and wait. (This is especially effective if you know the victim uses large, public bathrooms, like the ones found in schools and office buildings.) The most challenging part: ensuring the victim selects the doctored pair in the morning. Reaction: At best--total embarrassment. At worst--we don't even want to think about it.
    • Call of the Wild - Leave your victim a convincing sounding message (either on paper or on an answering machine) from a certain "Mr. Lyon," who has called about an urgent matter (a missed lunch date is good for extra laughs) and would like a return call as soon as possible. Mr. Lyon's number? The phone number for your local zoo. Reaction: I'm sorry, Mr. Lyon is busy at the moment. Mr. Elephant can talk, though! Santa Ana Zoo: (714) 835-7484

Real News
  • RIAA Between a Legal Rock and Hard Place
    • Judge Ruled that the RIAA either has to dismiss the case WITH prejudice or proceed with a jury trial
    • RIAA has been dismissing cases without prejudice whenever someone decides to fight back
    • This means if the case is dismissed with prejudice that the sued parties might be entitled to legal fees from the RIAA
    • If the case goes to trial the RIAA has to prove to a jury using the same argument that failed against a judge in a previous case. Which means they have a high chance of losing the case. Thus setting a presidence.
  • TheFoolsDay.com
    • History
    • Traditions
    • Pranks
    • Foolish Quotes
    • Party games related to April Fools

*April Fools

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    Just like Google Maps is for Earth, this recent imagery from Mars.
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